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Frontend software developer (with a bit of backend)

Job type: Full time
Experience level: Entry-Level, Junior
Location: Corfu-Greece / Remote
Role: Frontend/Full stack Developer
Industry: E-commerce SaaS
Technology: JS, VueJs, CSS, C#, ASP.NET Core MVC/WebAPI, SQL Server, Azure

Job Description

Menelabs is a one-man company that develops small to medium applications with emphasis on the user experience and the code quality.

The main focus is on developing Shopify applications using ASP.NET Core MVC/WebAPI, SQL Server and a bunch of Javascript (mostly VueJS), everything hosted in Azure Cloud.

Some of the future goals are to increase the number of the Shopify applications, improve existing apps and implement new SaaS projects.

You will be working closely with me, giving back to community and implementing open source projects

Your role

As a Frontend software developer you will participate in most company's projects and you will be able to influence the course of Menelabs.

You will have the opportunity to work with the latest technologies, use proven developing techniques and take your time to make things in the right way. Furthermore, you will:

What I am looking for in you?

I get excited about people who build software creatively and keep questioning whether the existing solutions still make sense. Furthermore, my future colleague

Nice to have

Why work in Menelabs?

Menelabs is a profitable company that can be expanded to gain more traction. Been the first hire will give you the experience of the whole product and you will be able to influence and guide the next hires.

On top of that nobody will push you to release a half-baked feature if you don’t want to

Send you CV with a cover letter at [email protected]